Text Box: Confessions of A British Spy


Pendedahan Aliran Wahabiyyah menurut perspektif para ulama’ ahli sunnah wal jamaah (Asha’irah)


Allahu Ta'ala declared in the eighty-second ayat of Maida sura of Qur'an al-karim, "The biggest enemies of Islam are the Jews and mushriks." The first mischief contrived to demolish Islam from within was instigated by a Jew, namely Abdullah bin Sebe' of Yaman.

He established the Shiite sect against the Ahl as-sunnat, the true Muslim group. From then on, Jews disguised as Shiite scholars in every century consolidated this sect. After the Ascension of Isa alaihissalam a number of corrupt Bibles were written. Most of the Christians became mushriks (those who believe more than one god). Others became kafirs (disbelievers) since they did not believe Muhammad alaihissalam. These and the Jews were called Ahl-i kitab (people with a heavenly book)

When Islam was established, hegemony of the priests as in the Dark Ages, was abolished. They founded missionary organizations to abolish Islam. The British were the forerunner in this regard. A Ministry of the Commonwealth was established in London with a view of fighting against Islam.

People who worked in this Ministry were taught the Jewish tricks. Contriving inconceivably vcious plans, they attacked Islam using all available military and political forces toward this end. Hempher, only one of the thousands of male and female agents employed and sent forth to all countries by this ministry, entrapped a person named Muhammad of Najd in Basra, misled him for many years, and caused him to establish the sect called Wahhabi in 1125 [1713 A.D.]


They announced this sect in 1150.